4 Things NOT to Wear to the Gym

There are a lot of people out there that don’t think too much about what to wear to the gym. If you’re like me, you will grab the closest thing you can find and head on down for a good work out. There are of course people who go to the gym looking like a million dollars, we all know who they are and maybe it’s you. The main thing about what you wear for a work out is that you feel comfortable and know that it is not going to negatively affect you getting that beach body ready for the summer. I don’t care what I look like when I head to the gym, but there are 4 things that I never wear. Here that are, let me know if you agree:


Cotton T-Shirts

Plenty of people wear cotton shirts to the gym, not realizing that it’s not the most ideal fabric to wear for a sweat-session. While you might enjoy wearing that super cute cotton tee or beloved old stretched-out comfy cotton shirt for a workout session, it’s actually absorbing your sweat rather than releasing it. The heavy fabric doesn’t allow sweat to evaporate, so it stays against your skin, giving you chills and even causing irritation. Instead, opt for more technologically-advanced fabrics that whisk away sweat from the skin.

5-Finger Shoes

These crazy-looking shoes with ten toes have gained a hugely enthusiastic following of runners who swear they relieve pain in the knees, joints and feet. But these kinds of shoes are best left to the running path. Instead, try wearing comfortable shoes by Rycore brand to the gym to keep yourself safe and fashionable. Many gyms have a policy against bare feet in the workout rooms because of the danger of falling weights. These shoes may not offer the protection that traditional shoes would. So if you must wear these shoes, check in with management to make sure they’re okay for that part of the gym.

Baggy Sweatpants

You might wear baggy sweatpants for the trip to the gym, but change out of them before you get on any exercise machines. Baggy pants can easily catch on machines like the stationary bike or elliptical machine, making them a hazard. And after you’re warmed up, baggy pants will probably be too hot to workout in anyway. Your best options for bottoms are capris, slim-fitting pants or shorts. These will allow you greater freedom of movement and reduce the risk of any dangers of snagged material.

Thong Underwear

Ok, so it may look good to not have a visible panty line when you are on the treadmill, but it reality wearing a thong is not good for you at all. Bite the bullet and accept that your ‘VPL’ will just have to be on show. With all of the sweat, bacteria and other things going on when we work out we need to make sure that there is enough airflow under our shorts. Ditch the thong and embrace the ‘VPL’ it’s the only way to work out, trust me.