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Field filled not right to Register to Enter a Field filled not right a Beautiful life and help the poor: the girl Prince Harry wrote an essay about yourself Grazia 09:49 East News After Meghan Markle began to meet with Prince Harry, she’s from aspiring actress turned celebrity. A girl beset by reporters and journalists dream to interview her, but she decided to go the other way — and published essays in British ELLE. Her column says about love, and about Harry there’s no word.

  • But it helps us understand the new girlfriend of the Prince, and perhaps a future part of the Royal family
  • In the essay Megan talks about her life — about how it combines social events, jewelry and expensive clothes on a par with charity and travel through the desert of Africa
  • When she helped in the refugee camps in Rwanda, she called her Manager and was invited to a lush event in the British film Academy

“My mind and heart can’t quickly switch from charity work to a glamorous party, admitted Megan — and then my heart clearly said “No”. I looked out the car window and saw the amazing beauty of the earth, which suffered from poverty and genocide for several decades”. Although Megan sees its recognition of helping others, she is locked away from social life.

“I know that two of my world can exist together, — I wrote to Markle, but to have one foot on the Hollywood party and the other in a third world country, we must try”. Judging by the essays, Meghan seems like a smart girl with a good heart. But is it really? Her sister speaks of her as a selfish woman who is looking for custom essay cheap a benefits of romance with Prince Harry if so, Megan is well-covered charity.

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