Declutter Your Mind & Body

January is approaching and the looming thought of yet another broken new year’s resolution is enough to make you crawl back under the covers. Lose twenty pounds, quit smoking, get a new job/promotion, organize your home, reconnect with old friends, write a novel ­ the list is daunting. Forget all of that. Start small. Start simple. Start clean. Follow these tips for starting off your new year on a new foot with a new mind and new body mindfulness. Changing patterns is akin to developing a new lifestyle. Not unlike diets that come and go with roller coaster results, making resolutions often just sets us up for failure. Dig a little deeper and develop a new mindfulness on what’s important and the rest of the sand and noise will fall in place. Trust yourself!


  1. One of the keenest senses we have is sight. What we see everyday has a huge impact, consciously or unconsciously, on our state of mind. Knowing this, tackling the decluttering process in your home and office will have a significant impact on your life outlook. This is your starting place as well as your springboard for decluttering your mind. Tackle this one room at a time. Sort items in three piles ­ trash, donations and photo. If an item holds a memory but no longer a purpose, take a photo of it and donate for someone else to enjoy. Commit to this process in every room. You’ll feel lighter and have less clutter to process each day. Save your mind for more important things!


  1. Be mindful of your body. Your strength, ability and self­-worth are key. Forget fad diets and overcrowded gyms. Head to a pilates studio for a truly empowering experience. Nothing puts you closer in touch with your muscles and mental focus than pilates. Use this as your springboard for mindful eating. You know what works and what doesn’t. Focus on the basics. Over 80% of the battle of the bulge is won in the kitchen. Turn to water as your main hydrating and cleansing source.


Following these steps for just three months will set your life on a new, more mindful course. You’ll regain the energy and focus that will truly allow you to not only achieve your goals, but be appreciative of what you have and what you have to offer! Good luck!