Domestic travel in Turkey – overdosing on caffeine and wifi

First things first, if you haven’t been to Turkey – why not? The country is probably one of the best in the world and has absolutely everything for any type of holiday; there’s the beach, the ancient sites and mountains. It is such a huge place that it would take over a year to truly explore it and learn everything there is to know. I was lucky enough to travel from east to west Turkey recently, unfortunately I was only there for 6 weeks. I wish it was longer because I fell in love with the country and everything it has to offer; amazing food, sites and locals all combine to make this one hell of a place to visit! I picked up a great deal on flights, if you search thoroughly you will see that there are some crazy bargains on offer. My advice would be to book as soon as possible and get ready for an amazing experience.

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Once you arrive you don’t have to worry about how you will get from A to B because the local transport is ridiculously good. Forget all about buses leaving late, breaking down at the side of the road or uncomfortable seats because the companies over in Turkey have nailed down how to provide quality transport. Like I said before, I travelled from east to west and I didn’t take a single domestic flight. They were there if I needed but I found that travelling on more local transport was always more fun and there was loads more to see, it of course left a few extra pennies in the pocket for a cool beer once I arrived.

I used both trains and buses to get around. The first time I got on a bus I was more than pleasantly surprised. Firstly, it was on time and anyone that travels a lot knows that this is always a good thing because sitting around at bus stations for hours is never ever fun! The seats were comfortable and spacious, plenty of room to recline and get a good sleep if you’re on a night bus. Then the best part! The bus conductor (not too sure if that’s the official title in Turkey, but he was the head honcho on my bus!) came up to me and asked me if I needed the wifi password, it took a second for me to answer but eventually I coughed up a ‘yes’. Wifi on a night bus travelling across Turkey seemed pretty amazing to me, so I sat there working away and was able to publish quite a few articles.

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Just incase I felt tired at any point I was always able to push the button and the ‘conductor’ would come along and offer me another coffee, water or juice. There was a never ending supply of refreshments all of which were included in the price of the ticket, busses in Turkey put our boys back in the UK to shame!

If you don’t fancy bedding down on a bus for the night and would enjoy a more comfortable ride with a bed then hop aboard a train, again the Turkish have got this one spot on. I would book the second class cabin, exactly the same as first class they just have 2 more beds in them. So basically your night’s sleep is going to be exactly the same. No wifi on my train although I was assured that it is usually available, there was a nice canteen carriage to eat and drink at as well. It made for a nice change from sitting in the cabin and it was always good to stretch the legs, something that isn’t possible by bus or plane really. If you want to meet people then the train is definitely your best bet, I met a guy from Holland who was backpacking around the world and a man heading home to Istanbul to meet up with his family for a wedding. Everyone got on, we shared food, beer and laughs – good times!

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I know backpacking is always great when you have to ‘rough it’ but when you’re in Turkey it’s nice to know that everything runs on time, is comfortable and comes with loads of added extras to make your journey even better. So, I think you should fly to Turkey and when you arrive don’t leave the ground because the overland transport is much better than the air!