Fun for all the family in the wild Lapland wilderness

A family holiday in Lapland is what children’s dreams are made of, if you’re heading there at christmas time then meeting Santa Claus will make your children as happy as they have ever been. There is fun for all the family in the wild Lapland wilderness; seeing the northern lights, riding on a reindeer pulled sled and building snowmen will all add to your family’s experience. If you are looking for some great ideas for your family holiday to Lapland then you should check out Activities Abroad Ltd, here you will find some great ideas and some fantastic ideas. Of course you want to make sure that your family has a fantastic time when you are on your holiday so here are some fantastic tips that will help you plan your perfect family holiday. If you pay attention to these key details then you are sure to have fun with all your family in Lapland!


The weather

One thing you must remember is that a winter holiday in lapland will be a lot colder than the weather in the UK. It is not very often that the temperature will ever go over freezing, for example in December the temperature can be between minus 7 and minus 35 degrees celsius. There is snowfall for a whopping 8 months of the year from October to May. During the winter months you will not have as much daylight as you are used to, there is daylight from 10.30am to 15:00pm. For more information about the weather at to get live updates then head to the official Lapland travel website.

Local currency

The local currency of Finland is the Euro, the Euro is divided into 100 cents. You don’t have to worry about the number of Euros you are bringing with you, you can bring as much as you want. You should make sure that you bring enough of the local currency with you because you will have trouble changing money in some of the more remote areas of Lapland.

Clothes to bring

Like I said before, you shouldn’t think that Lapland will be as warm as it is back home. It is so cold that you need to bring; gloves, scarves, think socks and snow boots. Make sure you have a thick skiing jacket.

The reindeers

Reindeers can be seen all over Lapland, they are the native deer of the region. They are very friendly animals and you will meet a lot of them during your time here. But, you should always remember that approaching wild animals can be dangerous because there is no way that we can predict their behaviour. So when you are on your trip with your family be careful and respect the reindeers.