How to Feel Like a Sexy Goddess

Let’s be honest: life’s too short not to feel sexy mostly all of the time. It’s often just our insecurities and voices in our own head that get in the way of our feeling completely and utterly sexy in the bedroom and out! So why not take the time to boost up your sexy vibes and feel totally confident whether you’re seducing your partner or cooking up a sensual meal. Follow these tips to start feeling like a sexy goddess:

Dress Sexy

It’s going to be pretty hard to feel like a goddess if you’re going to bed in a ratty old t-shirt. Make your partner lust after you by treating yourself to a lingerie shopping trip. Tell yourself: you’re worth it! Splurge on some fashionable lingerie that you’re going to feel absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in. You can shop for sexy clothes at, or at your favorite retailer. Ask the girls at the store for their advice on what might work best for your size and body type. They can measure you there and help you find pieces that will make you feel amazing.


Get a Massage

Oftentimes, we stop feeling sexy when we lose touch with our intimate side. This can be rekindled just through experiencing sensual touch, as you can get during a massage. Prelude the massage with a warm bath and a glass of wine. After you get out, have your partner give you a sensual massage from head to toe, then return the favor. You’ll find your connection buzzing as you love each other through sensual touch, with the purpose of helping each other to relax and feel great. And massage is an excellent precursor to great sex, as it helps relieve tension and increase blood flow.

Sexify Your Space

Who feels sexy in a messy room full of clutter and dirty clothes? Not many people that I know. Take some time and clean up your clutter and create some space where you can feel relaxed. The bedroom should be your sexy sanctuary, not somewhere that you pile your dirty laundry. Light some candles and incense to set the mood. You want this to be a place where you come and immediately feel sexy and relaxed, ready to unwind.

Try Something New

There’s no bigger mood killer than feeling like you’re stuck in the same old routine. Change up your patterns to kick-start your sexy goddess within. Whether you want to try new sex moves with your partner or just change up your bedtime routine, spicing up your bedroom life will help light your fire. Take a sensual bath instead of a shower, or splurge on that extra-special lingerie set just for fun.