How to survive retirement

Retiring from a job you’ve held for years is a major transitional step in anyone’s life. It represents the move from your working years, to enjoying the next phase of your life. Moving on from work gives the freedom to pursue things that you truly love, allowing you to wake up each morning ready to do the things you really care about. It’s a great opportunity to travel, try new hobbies and build new relationships. For some people, retirement can feel like a stressful time, because they have to give up what they have known for their whole life. While it might feel strange giving up working, retirement and moving forward into life as a senior is a beautiful time and a transition to be made with grace and ease.

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Moving into senior living

Many retirees find it more convenient to move into a senior living community once they leave work. These communities offer the chance for social interaction, planned activities and outings and access to health services. They are especially helpful for seniors who need extra care and a helping hand. For some, moving into a senior living community can be a stressful experience. They may feel they will be losing some of their freedom during this period, but seniors shouldn’t look at this transition in a negative way. Moving into a senior living home offers an opportunity to build a real community and enjoy these years to the fullest while having great care close by.

Retirement options

There are several living options available, depending on the individual’s health. First, if they are completely healthy and independent, they can continue to live independently in their own living space, whether that’s a house, apartment or condo. Another option is moving in with family; usually grown children who can care for them. A third option is to hire a home care aid to take care of some of their day to day needs. This could vary from an aid coming a few hours a day to take them grocery shopping or on any other errands, all the way to a live-in aid who cares for the individual in a much more hands-on way. Finally, there is the option to move into a retirement living community where they will receive the benefits of 24 hour care, community, planned activities and health care available.

Senior homes

The benefits of moving into a senior home are manifold and are important to explain to any seniors having doubts or anxieties about the transition. A senior home is a place that offers the sense of community and companionship that most seniors are unable to find living independently. As people age, they are often less likely to get out and try new things and meet new people on their own. A community provides one of the most important aspects of staying young in mind and heart. Being around others helps seniors stay healthy and happy. Not only does a senior home provide community, there are health care facilities available around the clock, every day of the year.