Larnaca, the gem of Cyprus!

A holiday to Cyprus is always a fantastic idea, if you choose to head to Larnaca then you will be in for a real treat. Holidays to Larnaca are becoming increasingly popular with holiday makers wishing to visit Cyprus, it is no surprise that there is such demand from tourists because the place is absolutely fantastic! There are many great reasons for you to visit, here is my list of the best reasons for you to choose a holiday to Larnaca this year.


The Location

It is simple for people to reach Larnaca, it is quick to get there and easy as well. There is an international airport which means that if you are travelling by air your trip will be stress free, you are also able to reach your destination by sea. There is a port in Larnaca from where you are able to reach the whole of of Cyprus by boat. If you put this all together it means that you have a place that is ideal for people that just want a quick weekend break.

Perfect size

The size of Larnaca is also a huge bonus, you are able to enjoy all of the main attractions and sites with ease. There is a wide variety of things for you to do, you can easily reach every where on foot or by taking a short drive. What ever you want to do, whether it is lounging on the beach soaking up the sun, waterspouts, site seeing or shopping, you will find that everything is very close together.

The history

This region is one of the oldest in Europe, if you love everything historic then you will love seeing the contrast that has been left behind after ten thousand years of civilisations. You will be able to notice all of the various different influences as you explore the area. There are plenty of museums, architecture and other sites that are geared towards tourists that want to learn more about the rich history of Larnaca.

Magnificent Coastlines


Golden sands and beautiful clear water can be found all along the seventy five kilo meters of Larnaka’s coastline. This means that you will be able to enjoy any number of water sports; jet skiing, pedalos, kitesurfing, windsurfing and many others. Of course you might prefer a quiet beach to lounge on, you will be able to find plenty of beaches like that. So there really is something for everyone, whether you are a family, a couple or a water sport lover, it’s all here in Larnaca!