Local Attractions You Won’t Want to Miss on Your Holiday to Durban

There are so many attractions waiting to be visited in Durban, it’s no wonder many holiday makers make this their first choice of destination when visiting South Africa. With all the variety there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re staying for a week or a month. If you’re considering making Durban your next holiday destination, take a look at some of the fantastic attractions just waiting to wow you.


Sun, Sand and Satisfaction

If you want a holiday that is focused mainly on beach life you’re not going to be disappointed. The Golden Mile is where you want to head to, the endless stretches of golden sand, the Vetch’s Pier and a whole host of water sport and beach activities will help you sink into the holiday spirit in minutes. This is the place to come for a beach holiday in South Africa, with 320 warm and sunny days you can come pretty much all year round and soak up the sun. Furthermore, the Golden Mile is where you can swim and surf without too much fear of meeting any sharks. This is because the beaches are protected with shark nets.

Ushaka Marine World

If you love sea life and want to learn more about what’s under the waves spend a day or two at Ushaka Marine World.  You’ll find everything here from theme park rides, animal encounters, an incredible aquarium and plenty of water slides for people of all ages. Some of the sea creatures you’ll see include dolphins, penguins, seals, sharks, rays and turtles. Ushaka is one of the top five attractions in Durban according to TripAdvisor so it is one attraction that needs to be included on your ‘to do’ list.

Durban Botanical Gardens

You can walk to the Durban Botanical Gardens from the Warwick Triangle. Here you’ll find a huge collection of beautiful and fascinating plants, both indigenous and exotic.  The main collections include cycads, bromeliads, palms and orchids. There are trees from all over the world too, some that are more than 100 years old.  The Botanical Gardens attract over half a million visitors each year, but the work they do goes beyond the tourist industry. The gardens are responsible for several conservation projects to preserve the plant collections that are threatened, such as the cycads.

Gateway Shopping Centre

Gateway Shopping Centre has everything you could want to find when you have an urge to satisfy your retail therapy itch. There are plenty of shops along with restaurants and cafes. There’s loads of entertainment on offer too, you can watch one of the latest movie releases, spend hours in the arcades or even enjoy some fun games like paintballing, go-karting and ten pin bowling.

Where to Stay

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Image attributed to: freedigitalphotos.net artur84