Money Saving Tips for Backpacking New Zealand

Backpackers are bound to be in every country in the world. Some of these countries are cheap and some of the countries are not. Unfortunately New Zealand is one of the countries that aren’t cheap. In fact, it can be quite pricey. Although this can be a setback, it shouldn’t discount New Zealand from the list of countries you want to backpack because it is truly a marvelous place. If you’re serious about backpacking New Zealand here are a few tips to take into consideration so that you pinch pennies where you can to free up funds for the adventures where you can’t.

Look Into a Campervan

New Zealand Campervans  Hire is a great place to start when looking to travel around New Zealand. A campervan can be a source and a way to save money while you’re there. A campervan will act as your means of transportation and also as your home. Right there you’re killing two birds with one stone. The other benefit of going this route is that you can travel the country the way you want to. You can follow your own route at your own pace. There won’t be any plane, train, or bus schedules that you’ll have to adhere to and that kind of freedom can make your trip that much better. There are several parks and campgrounds that cater to campervans so finding a place to park for the night won’t be an issue. Look into hiring a campervan from Auckland to get on this right away!


One of the best ways to keep to your budget is to work while you travel. If you can get yourself into a situation where you can work from your computer and are location independent then you’ll be good to go. If that isn’t an option for you the agriculture business is booming in New Zealand. There are plenty of seasonal jobs picking fruit and working on farms that will pay you enough to keep you on the road.


Create one and stick to it. I know it can be hard but if you’re able to figure out just how much you can afford to spend a day and stick to it, you should have no problem making your funds last.

Find Free Wifi

Anytime you need the Internet you should do all that you can to avoid paying for WIFI. There are plenty of places such as cafes, bars, and libraries that offer free WIFI. If you can’t find a place that does always look for McDonalds or Starbucks.

Cook Your Own Food

If you can go food shopping and cook for yourself or make your own meals then you’ll save a TON of money. Eating out is expensive and your campervan will have a place to keep food, so will a hostel if you go that route.

Happy Hour

I’d love to say don’t drink but there is nothing a backpacker loves more than relaxing and tossing a few back with fellow travelers that they meet on the road. So look out for Happy Hours because beer out can be expensive in New Zealand.