Pretty interior design ideas to inspire you

Gender-neutral rooms are all very well, but sometimes a girl likes to decorate a room in a style that suits herself and no other. Whether pretty in pink is your thing or you prefer blues and greens, there are plenty of ways you can prettify your home.


Vintage style


One of the prettiest interior decorating styles around is that known as vintage. This style favors cream-painted furniture, soft pastels and natural shades of color for walls, and patterned fabrics for soft furnishings. It is particularly good for bedrooms and craft rooms.


Walls should be painted in soft colors such as dove greys, sky blues and mossy greens to create a calming atmosphere. If this seems a little too bland, you can paper one wall with patterned wallpaper, either florals or stripes, to make a feature. Furniture should be cream-colored and ideally full of character, with carved legs and other detailing. In regards to window dressings, delicately patterned curtains are good for drawing the eye but perhaps should be used for decoration rather than function. For example, there is a range of shutters available that can be installed at the windows with curtains framing them.


Eclectic taste


The modern woman is increasingly favoring an eclectic style of interior decoration. This means the mixing and matching of different styles in one room to create a highly individual and original space. For example, the seating area could be made up of an old-fashioned-style sofa and armchair, complete with pin tuck upholstery in a pastel color, but the windows could be dressed in a striking and vibrant curtain fabric, such as wide black and white stripes. To feminize the space even further, the walls could be decorated with a variety of artwork grouped together, and ornamentation could include vases of flowers and ceramic bowls. In an eclectic interior, there are literally no rules, as long as everything looks good together, and this is a perfect interior style for the living room or dining room.


Minimalist style


Of course, not all women want to be surrounded by pink and pastels, and for these women a minimalist approach is probably best. However, this does not mean that the interior has to be sterile and genderless. Good color schemes for a minimalist interior include base colors of white or cream, which are then accented with dots of color around the room. For example, walls could be painted white or cream and furniture upholstered in a similarly neutral color but then brought to life with bright and patterned soft furnishings, such as cushions and curtains, and even tablecloths or runners if the room is a dining room. It is then a good idea to bring in a little bit of nature with an abundantly green pot plant or fresh flowers in a vase.


There are plenty of ways a room can be prettified, but not all of them are too pretty for a man to feel comfortable in. The trick is to find a happy medium between male and female.