My best friend and I had been talking about going to America, specifically New York, for a couple of years now but something always seemed to come up and we would opt for a more local venue, not always to our advantage. So we decided to go ahead and found and booked flights,hotel and arranged the visa at the same time.


We checked into our hotel after a smooth flight and the user friendly transit system brought us to our accommodation. That night we ate at a diner,a long burning ambition of mine,and laid down our plans.The next couple of days we spent shopping on a serious level for up to date electrical gadgets and brand name clothing,these genuine articles are so much cheaper in the Big Apple. It was easy to use what is the largest and busiest subway system in the world, now there’s a surprise, and it operates 24 hours a day. With our shopping quota completed we decided that we would see the New York City attractions we had indeed come to see, and there are many. The way we organized our sightseeing was by using pre-purchased tickets which can be done through your hotel or on line. You can buy tickets for almost everything there is to see in this vast metropolis from helicopter tours, lunch and dinner cruises, touring the sites used in the making of movies and T.V programs to visiting the Met.

First on the agenda for us though, was the Statue Of Liberty,who for nearly 150 years has greeted untold numbers of people arriving to the shores of America and to a city where 800 languages are spoken, more than anywhere in the, wait for it, world. To get to Liberty Island which lies south of famous Ellis Island you take the State Cruises ferry from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan.

The following day we indulged ourselves with a helicopter tour where we sailed the concrete, steel and glass canyons of the city and flew out over the harbour, seeing Liberty in a totally different perspective. By going on line or through your hotel you can book restaurants in advance and with discounts of up to 20% or more making eating out even more tasty. We had a cultural day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.The Met is not just an art gallery, albeit a very large one, but is also home to a large collection of musical instruments, antique weaponry and armour.

Before we headed out to see what the nightlife was all about we decided that checking out a show on Broadway was essential! If there’s one thing you need to do before flying over, look for deals on tickets to see Mean Girls on Broadway – it’s a show you’ll love! The nightlife of the City is intoxicating and assuredly New York never sleeps. We are coming back to NYC for sure, but our net USA adventure is when we’ll be checking out all the great things to do in Orlando