Textile Art Explained

I’m sure many of you reading this have sewn a stuffed toy or even tried to knit something before. Both of those activities use fibres to make the final product. I was recently talking to a contemporary textile artist friend of mine that gave me a super interesting introduction to the basics of textile art.

I got such an insight into textile art I thought it would be a great idea to share what I learnt with you.

The Basics
Simply put, textile art is when we create something using fibres we have taken from things such as plants, animals, some insects and synthetic materials. Textile art is a very old for of art. There have even been discoveries of textile fragments which date as far back as prehistoric times. There’s a good reason why textiles were used back then can you imagine how cold it must have been? Textiles were developed so that people could stay warm, protect surfaces and also to insulate places where people lived.

There are examples of these textiles that you may have heard of; rugs, clothing (obviously), quilts and many tapestries. If there was a special even to be remembered or a person wanted to show their status they would use textiles – things such as flags, uniforms for the military and also banners for ceremonies.

Cultures around the globe all of the own way of creating textiles, they are all different because places have only certain materials available to use. Over hundreds of years some countries have become renowned for the textiles they produce; Chinese silks and Turkish rugs are two that spring instantly to mind. Nowadays there are plenty of contemporary artists who use exciting new ways to use the fibres, I am sure you might even own one or two pieces of your own.

Have you ever tried your hand at textile art or maybe you have a favourite contemporary textile artist you would like to tell us about? I would love to hear all about your experiences with textile art and also some great tips on which artists we should be looking out for, so please share guys! Just pop your thoughts down in the comment section below this post, I am really looking forward to seeing what you have to share.