Top 4 lawn care tips

Did you know that Americans collectively spend about $6.4 billion yearly on lawn care? That goes on fertilizer, lawnmowers, herbicide, trimmers, and other equipment to keep their lawns looking green, healthy and well-kept. Once spring rolls around, you see people outside, all working to keep their lawns looking great by summertime. So if you want to keep your lawn healthy during the hot summer months, you need to get out during springtime to prepare! Here are some tips for getting and keeping that green, healthy lawn:

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Clean and repair your lawn

It’s important to clean up your lawn in the springtime, before the weather gets too hot. Look for uneven ground, where you can find poor drainage in low spots and poor growth on the high spots. Use a shovel to cut away any areas that are raised, and fill in the dips to even out the ground. Rake your lawn to remove any weeds that might cause diseases. You also want to watch out for soil compaction, which means that the soil is too dense to allow for healthy lawn growth. This can be fixed by getting your lawn aerated.

Plant in the spring

Once your lawn has been cleaned and repaired, you might find some areas that need to be reseeded. But it’s so important to first address any soil problems that might have caused the bareness or brownness in the first place. Otherwise, you’re just going to deal with the same problems once you plant the new seeds. Determine which types of seeds will work best in your region and with the amount of sunlight you get in your yard. Once the seeds are planted, make sure to water regularly.

Mowing your lawn

While short lawns look neat and tidy, it can actually be harmful to your lawn to cut the grass too short. This can take away nutrients stored in the leaf blades, and exposes the soil to sunlight, so weeds can take over more easily. So when you’re mowing your lawn, make sure to mow your grass at the tallest height recommended for your grass type. The mowers at Pat’s Small Engine Plus will do a great job helping you prepare your lawn for summertime.

Maintain your equipment

Lawn care equipment isn’t cheap, so it’s important to maintain it so that it lasts you for many seasons to come. Remove the gasoline from your mower once the season is over, because leftover gas in the tank can become stale and cause rust. Take off the blade of the mower and sharpen it occasionally. Refill the oil and take your equipment apart to clean it. Your machines will last longer if you take the time to remove any caked-on mud, grass or rust that accumulates over time.

There is nothing better than having a perfect lawn for the summer; it’s something to be proud of. Your friends will be the first ones to comment and those comments will make it all worthwhile. Enjoy your lawn!