How To Wear A Figure Hugging Outfit

Why is it some clingy clothes look great on us and others look absolutely dire? Some tops make us look really skinny, but others show lumps and bumps everywhere, and manage to make our breasts look like they’re eight inches too low. Then there are the stretchy pants. Leggings look fine, but jeggings make us look like muffin tops or giant bottomed creatures from the deep. It seems we can never find anything that looks just right on a single shopping excursion. Instead, it can take months of trying out different things from every shop in the state, just to find that one little gem of something tight that makes us look gorgeous.


There are several reasons why clingy or figure hugging clothes can look really bad, and they’re not all to do with how many extra holiday pounds you may be carrying. The fabric and material used will respond in different ways depending on its mix. The problem with adding extra stretch is you are losing breathability, and you are liable to sweating and pit stains. Not attractive at all! Some stretchy dresses can include fitted panels or control panels to avoid bunching of your squishier parts. This gives the impression you are toned with a lovely flat tummy, even if you are not.

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For high-quality stretch, check the material does not become see-through. Cheaper leggings and tops will leave nothing to the imagination, and everything that is underneath them will be seen. Not a classy, chic look at all, but cheap and trashy, and not at all what you are going for. For a truly appealing look, spend the money and choose good quality materials. If your figure isn’t firm enough for figure hugging dress like a bodycon, you can always cheat a little and use some control underwear. This will make you a little warmer in places, but the effects are incredible. The underwear can also be quite attractive these days too.


Bodycon dresses typically come up to the mid thigh area. If your knees and calves aren’t great, you can try some controlling tights or sexy leggings to give a better shape and effect. To keep the top half of your bodycon dress looking fabulous, you may need to use an enhancing bra. Bodycon dresses require a perfect hourglass body shape to look good. That mean you are well enough endowed on top, thin in the middle and not too curvy round the bottom area. Control pants and padded bras can help you. But if you are too small on top, or your chest is overly large, this dress may need a little layering to help make it work for your body shape.


Square cut collars on figure hugging tops look great if you are curvier lower down. You should make sure you have a solid waistband to avoid extra tummy rolling over the top and ruining your sleek look. Remember that stretchy or clingy clothes don’t always last as many washes as other items in your wardrobe so will need replacing every year.